Unique and multifunctional

Sava Center is a versatile congress center located in the heart of the business district of New Belgrade and is in close proximity to major hotels.

With its functional concept, it holds a unique position on the map of European congress centers, as it offers three different experiences in one place: congress, business, and culture.

With an area of 100,000 m2, Sava Center is one of Belgrade’s most significant landmarks in the field of modern architecture. Conceived by architect Stojan Maksimović and opened in 1977, it was nominated for the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize, often referred to as the “Oscar of architecture”.

Sava Center

Congress section:

The main functional unit of Sava Center includes spaces of various sizes and purposes. From private rooms with a capacity of up to 25 people to conference rooms that can accommodate up to 200 participants, all the way to the grandiose Plava dvorana, which can host as many as 4,000 guests.

What sets the new Sava Center apart is also one of the largest Immersive halls in Europe. With the help of state-of-the-art stage technology, it offers guests a 360-degree visual experience, which has not been seen before in the Southeastern European.

The main congress hall, adorned with preserved impressive tapestries, has a capacity of 300 to 1,200 participants and is perfect for large congresses and gatherings.

In addition, Sava Center features spacious registration areas with long corridors, an atrium, and a wide selection of green terraces, providing visitors with perfect spaces for networking and other activities during events.

Plava dvorana:

Known for its magnificent concerts and projections, and recognized as one of the halls with the best acoustics in this part of Europe, the famous Plava dvorana will reopen for events from mid-2024.

Located in a separate architectural section of Sava Center, the renovated Plava dvorana returns to the congress scene with increased capacity and state-of-the-art stage technology and equipment.

It is equipped with modern, comfortable seats designed to evoke memories of the time when Plava dvorana proudly held the title of one of the most comfortable halls of its kind. The area it is now a functional expo space of 8,000 m2, ideal for exhibition and trade show-type events.

Business section:

Sava Center’s office spaces have a great number of different areas, and they also boast a uniquely pleasant working ambiance rich in greenery and open spaces that have plenty of natural light.

Within the biophilic concept, green areas become an integral part of all office interiors, thus providing you with a whole new dimension of work and living.

Within this zone, a completely new concept of sales spaces was formed, so that Sava Center once again becomes the focal point of the most prestigious domestic and foreign brands.

The retail area on the footbridge that connects Sava Center with the Crowne Plaza hotel stands out, as well as the large retail area connected to the parking space in the outer part of Sava Center.


How did it all begin?

Opened in 1977.

The year is 1976, and Yugoslavia has been chosen as the host of the first summit of the CSCE, today known as the OSCE. In the absence of a space of adequate size, equipment and aesthetics, domestic engineers and architects led by Stojan Maksimović rolled up their sleeves and embarked on a venture that the country had never seen before.

It was necessary to conceive, design, build, equip and open the first congress center in Belgrade within 12 short months. As the weeks and months go by, what seemed impossible at the beginning slowly becomes a reality. The congress part of the Sava Center was opened in May 1977, within the deadline. It was a heroic endeavour.


Nominated for the Pritzker Architecture Prize

The reactions exceeded all expectations. The professional public around the world compared the Sava Center with facilities of similar purpose in Europe, often emphasizing that the concept and solution in Belgrade are the best among them.

The main recognition came soon – in 1978. Sava Center was nominated for The Pritzker Architecture Prize, the so-called “Oscar of architecture”. With its grandiose size and futuristic shapes, the so- called “Glass Palace” of New Belgrade has rightly earned the epithet of a masterpiece of Yugoslav

The Golden Age

40 years of existence

During more than 40 years of existence, 10 million visitors passed through the Sava Center, as part of 8,000 gatherings and 20,000 events, and Plava dvorana became synonymous with FEST, Bemus and Bitef.

The 1980s were a sort of golden age for Sava Center. From Miles Davis and Ray Charles, to Bryan Ferry – there are few important artists and musicians of that era who did not perform in front of the audience at Plava dvorana.

Witness of history

“Simply magnificent”

In addition to the artistic program, Sava Center is an authentic witness to the history that was being born and shaped inside it over time.

After the aforementioned OSCE summit, the annual meeting of the IMF, several congresses of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia (LCY), the general assembly of UNESCO and the 9th Summit of Non-Aligned Countries were held in the congress halls of the Sava Center.

As part of these events, Sava Center was visited by great historical figures such as Indira Gandhi, who described it as “simply magnificent.”

Nineties and early 2000s

Remains unsurpassed

The 1990s and early 2000s brought economic and political turbulence that left their mark on the Sava Center. Seeing as it is an extremely complex facility that requires particular maintenance, it was operating at a reduced capacity during this time.

However, this was compensated by the undiminished professionalism and dedication of all the people who worked there and took good care of it.

In 2020.

Reconstruction of Sava Center

Finally, in 2020, Sava Center becomes part of Delta Holding’s portfolio. The reconstruction started almost immediately after the takeover took place.

Initially estimated at EUR 20 million, the total volume of investments in the reconstruction amounts to over EUR 110 million, almost five times the amount estimated by the city of Belgrade.

Due to its (deserved) status as a cultural monument, the reconstruction was carried out with special attention given to all architectural features, but also to the emotions of the citizens of Belgrade.

Many of them who remember the opening of the Sava Center, assessed that it looks more beautiful now than ever before.

A new era

Sava Center today

Today, Sava Center is a multipurpose congress center that consists of several different functional units, including the Great Hall with 4,000 seats.

Special attention has been paid to energy efficiency and green areas – electricity consumption today is reduced by as much as 50%, while green areas are increased by 30%.

Just like in 1977, the Sava Center is equipped with the most modern technology – from cooling and heating systems to stage equipment and equipment.

In November 2023 began a completely new era for the largest congress, cultural and business center in Southeast Europe.