The intersection of business and innovation

Sava Center’s Business Zone encompasses an attractive offering of A-class office spaces and a retail area with leading domestic and global brands.

It’s a unique place where people and business come together, with a diverse range of office spaces in a pleasant environment rich with natural light.

Offices with integrated green spaces and a vibrant retail zone provide a completely new work and leisure experience.

Space tailored to you

With more than 53 office spaces and 46 meeting rooms, the business section of the complex is functional yet comfortable. Some of the office spaces can be connected, and the view of the green terrace provides a fantastic atmosphere for work and meetings.

Comfortable, well-lit, and spacious, the public area of the business space is perfect for relaxation and networking, while the proximity and ample parking capacity make it convenient for those arriving by car.


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Office space


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  • FENS

    We are pleased to invite you to the 14th European Conference on Nutrition, which will...

  • Data Science

    For the ninth year in a row, the biggest event dedicated to artificial intelligence and...


    For the fifth year in a row, the CEO Summit Belgrade will be held in...

  • Gala

    SAM Gala

    Business management and operations are greatly influenced by various technological, economic and social factors, and...

  • 52. FEST: The Palace

    Beginning: 18h

    Once upon a time there was, and there still is today... the Palace Hotel. An...

  • 52. FEST: All of us strangers

    Beginning: 21h

    One night in London, Adam has a chance encounter with a mysterious neighbor Harry, which...

  • 52. FEST: Anatomy of a fall

    Beginning: 21h

    Sandra, a German writer, her French husband Samuel, and their son Daniel live a secluded...

  • 52. FEST: The taste of things

    Beginning: 18h

    1885. Peerless cook Eugenie has worked for the famous gourmet Dodin for the last 20...

  •  52. FEST: The promised land

    Beginning: 18h

    In 1755, the impoverished Captain Ludvig Kahlen sets out to conquer the harsh, uninhabitable Danish...

  • Culture

    52. FEST: Coup de chance

    Beginning: 21h

    Fanny and Jean look like the ideal married couple. They’re both professionally accomplished, they live...

  • Marketing Summit

    The mission of the MARKETING SUMMIT is to show the best, most current and most...

  • Design Vibe

    On Friday, March 8, 2024, an event called Design Vibe took place in SAVA CENTER...

  • Congress of implantologists of Southeast Europe

    14-16. march

    This is the first international event of this size and importance in IMPLANTOLOGY that is...

  • 12th Symposium of Child and Adolescent Gynecology of Serbia

    Start: 10h

    We would like to announce the next, XII DAGS Symposium, which will be held on...

  • Exhibition “Angelina Aćimović”

    As part of the business part in the shopping area of the Sava Center, an...

  • Datum 2024

    For the sixth time in Serbia, an expert conference on the subject of data centers...

  • Ja, preduzetnik: Family Business Summit

    We invite you to join an exclusive event that brings together leading family businesses from...

  • HR Experience

    The HR Experience conference is a unique event that promotes and presents trends in the...

  • 3rd International Congress of Sports Medicine

    and sports science and anti-doping in sports "time of innovation"

    The international congress of sports medicine, sports science and anti-doping in sports "time of innovation"...

  • 4. Supply Chain Summit


    The Supply Chain Summit, organized by InStore Media, brings together companies and individuals from the...

  • EABCT 2024

    The Belgrade Sava Center will host the upcoming, fifty-fourth EABCT congress, that is, the congress...

  • OPERA: ‘Aida’ by Giuseppe Verdi

    With great pleasure, we present an exceptional celebration - OPERA & BALLET NIGHTS, continuing the...

  • BALLET: ‘Rasputin’ by Sergei Polunin

    With great pleasure, we present an exceptional celebration - OPERA & BALLET NIGHTS continuing the...

  • 5. Annual Meeting ESCD – European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry

    We are pleased to announce the next congress to be held in Belgrade, a dynamic...

  • CONCERT: Konstrakta & Zemlja Gruva

    Ana Đurić Konstrakta, one of the biggest music stars from this region and our representative...

  • International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology

    The forty-fourth consecutive SICOT Congress (SICOT Orthopedic World Congress), organized by the International Society for...

  • CONCERT: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

    The concert season featuring some of the world's, regional, and local most renowned performers, organized...

  • CONCERT: Yasmin Levy

    Yasmin Levy, the biggest star of the world music scene, is returning to Belgrade on...


    As part of their world tour, the music and stage show STOMP will be performing...


    As part of their world tour, the music and stage show STOMP will be performing...


    As part of their world tour, the music and stage show STOMP will be performing...

  • ENIO MORICONE AND NINO ROTA: A Concert of Film Music

    Today, Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota are rightfully considered icons of world film music. At...

  • CONCERT: Željko Bebek

    Join us for a unique concert experience with the icon of our music scene –...

  • CONCERT: Legende

    On the second weekend of November, precisely on November 16th, the Belgrade audience can look...

  • CONCERT: Toni Cetinski

    We are excited to announce a spectacular concert by one of the most beloved singers...

  • CONCERT: Amira Medunjanin

    Amira Medunjanin, a globally recognized artist acclaimed for her performances of Sevdalinka and traditional music...

  • CONCERT: Petar Grašo

    Petar Grašo, one of the most renowned Croatian singers, songwriters, composers, and cantautors, is returning...

  • CONCERT: Božo Vrećo

    Božo Vrećo at the Sava Center! The most authentic musician of the region, Božo Vrećo,...

  • CONCERT: Mariza

    Fado diva Mariza returns to the Sava Center, the place where she captured the hearts...

  • CONCERT: Miroslav Ilić

    After spectacular concerts celebrating fifty years of successful career, the giant of the local music...

  • CONCERT: Miroslav Ilić

    After spectacular concerts celebrating fifty years of successful career, the giant of the local music...

  • CONCERT: Sergej Ćetković

    We are excited to announce a concert by one of the most renowned singers in...

  • CONCERT: Vlatko Stefanovski

    Belgrade will once again have the opportunity to experience the masterful performance of the musical...

  • CONCERT: Jelena Rozga

    The queen of the pop scene and a favorite across generations, known for her top-notch...

  • CONCERT: Jelena Rozga

    The queen of the pop scene and a favorite across generations, known for her top-notch...

  • CONCERT: Haris Džinović

    After 5 years, Haris Džinović will greet you with a grand New Year's concert in...


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  • Conference halls and common spaces

    We offer our renters a choice of over 40 conference halls suitable for all types of events and meetings. A diverse selection of halls will adapt to your specific needs, and our goal is to provide you with the best conditions for the successful implementation of your event.

    Common spaces not only allow relaxation and enjoyment during breaks but also facilitate connections with other participants and guests, making your work even more rich and diverse.

  • Restaurant and cafeteria

    Within the business part of Sava Center, there is an exclusive restaurant and cafeteria that will provide you with a special experience. These spaces are designed to satisfy various tastes and needs, and you will enjoy not only great food but also a comfortable and modern ambiance.

    The restaurant is a perfect choice for business lunches, celebrations, and special events, while the cafeteria is an ideal place to relax with a cup of coffee or grab a quick meal. Our culinary offerings combine local and international flavors, ensuring you’ll savor every bite.

  • Parking

    Sava Center offers you secure and easy access with up to 1,400 parking spaces, ensuring your guests always have enough room to park their cars.

    For those who choose an environmentally responsible approach, we’re happy to report that we are equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles. We have more than 20 electric vehicle chargers available, allowing electric vehicle owners to be mindful of the environment while visiting our location. Your event deserves accessibility and safety, and Sava Center provides that every step of the way. By parking here, you’ll be in the heart of Belgrade’s business district, just steps away from
    everything you need.

  • Maintenance

    Our team of cleaning and maintenance experts takes care of all the details, allowing you to focus entirely on your business. We provide comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services, including cleaning, organizing, and equipping office spaces, as well as public areas.

    You can count on our dedicated and committed team, which takes care of the cleanliness and maintenance of Sava Center’s premises. Our imperative is to provide you with a clean and appealing space where you can feel comfortable during business meetings as well as in your leisure time.

  • Security

    Ensuring the safety of all event participants is our imperative, so security is available 24/7. There is continuous video surveillance in all business premises and public areas, which is carefully monitored to provide an additional level of security.

    Access to our premises is strictly and carefully controlled through specially encoded cards, guaranteeing that only authorized individuals can access designated areas. In addition to these security measures, we also have on-site security ready to respond to any situation and provide an extra sense of safety to all attendees at your events.


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  • Where are we located?

    Sava Center is situated in New Belgrade, at Milentija Popovića Street 9. Easy access by road, proximity to a large number of hotels of various categories, excellent public transportation connections, and a distance of approximately 15 kilometers from Nikola Tesla Airport make Sava Center an ideal venue for various events, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and other gatherings.

    Within a 5 km radius, you have access to dozens of hotels and almost 8,000 hotel rooms, and Sava Center is directly connected to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

  • Belgrade

    Belgrade is a vibrant metropolis where business and pleasure coexist in harmony. It proudly holds titles as the cultural center of the nation, an educational hub, the cradle of scientific innovations, and an economic powerhouse.

    Belgrade is an extraordinary city that will leave a mark on you, providing everything you need at any given moment and making you wish to return. When you step into Belgrade, you embark on an exciting journey through a captivating world of cultural landmarks and historical monuments that stand the test of time. Before you unfolds a landscape of history and contemporary culture that is
    truly breathtaking.

  • Connection with the Crowne Plaza Hotel

    Crowne Plaza Hotel is directly connected to Sava Center via an elegant enclosed hallway, allowing people an easy transition between the comfort of the hotel and the congress center. Forget about transportation worries, as everything – from shopping to dining and entertainment – is just a step away from your hotel room.

    Easily and seamlessly integrate your stay at Crowne Plaza with the diverse offerings of Sava Center. Everything you need is only a few steps from your comfortable accommodation.


Milentija Popovića 9,
Belgrade 11070,

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