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12th Symposium of Child and Adolescent Gynecology of Serbia

22. 03. 2024.

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On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the XII DAGS Symposium,

Zoran Stanković and Katarina Sedlecky

By clicking here, you can view the program of the 12th Symposium of Child and Adolescent Gynecology of Serbia.

THE ORGANIZER: Association of Child and Adolescent Gynecology of Serbia (DAGS)

We would like to announce the next, XII DAGS Symposium, which will be held on March 22, 2024 in Belgrade.

The professional program of the Symposium consists of several parts.

In the first part, local and foreign lecturers will present the most important papers from the XX World Congress of Child and Adolescent Gynecology. It will be a tribute to the congress, held in May 2023 in Belgrade, where we hosted colleagues from over 70 countries on six continents.

In the second part, experiences from clinical practice will be presented, with the presentation of several young patients who had a complex diagnosis. Therapeutic options will also be considered, and the lecturers will point out optimal solutions.

This Symposium will also follow the dynamics of the previous ones, so the length of the presentations will be up to 15 minutes. There is definitely time for discussion, which we consider very important, because it enables the exchange of clinical experience, which will strengthen us in our work in this field of gynecology.

At the end of the Symposium, before lunch, a test on contraception is planned, intended for those who want to enrich their knowledge and get an additional 5 points of KME (continuing medical education).

We look forward to meeting and socializing with you on March 22, 2024, starting at 10 a.m. in the renovated Sava Center.


Prof. Dr. Joško Zekan, Zagreb

Prof. Dr. Vesna EćimZlojutro, Banja Luka

Prof. Dr. Daniela Ivanova Panova, Skopje

Prof. Dr. Marina Jakimovski, Ljubljana

Asst. Dr. Igor Hudić, Tuzla

Ivana Pentz, MD, PhD, Zagreb

Prof. Dr. Milan Stefanović, Niš

Asst. Dr. Sci. honey Rade Vuković, Belgrade

Ass. drsci. med. Slađana Mihajlović, Belgrade

You brats. honey Katarina Sedlecky, Belgrade

Dr. sci. honey Zoran Stanković, IFEPAG, Belgrade

Prim. Dr. Sci. honey Iliana Mažibrada, Belgrade

Prim. M.Sc. sci. honey Mirjana Anđelić, Novi Sad

Dr. Bojana Tomić, Belgrade