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Exhibition “Angelina Aćimović”

25. 03. 2024.

For more information and to buy a dress, you need to contact the e-mail:

The Organizer: Foundation Angelina

As part of the business part in the shopping area of the Sava Center, an exhibition of dresses was set up on March 18 created according to the sketches of the victim Angelina Aćimović. The tragic story of Angelina Aćimović, a fourteen-year-old girl who was killed last May in elementary school “Vladislav Ribnikar” in Belgrade, touched many. In light of this senseless tragedy, something incredible appeared – a wave of creativity and inspiration triggered by Angelina’s beautiful works of art from the domain of fashion.

Angelina was extremely gifted in fashion design and her great wish was to one day have her own
fashion show. This dream was realized with the help of the “Angelina” foundation and 17 designers from all over the world.

Fashion designers made dresses according to Angelina’s sketches and thus paid tribute to her
immense talent and spirit. Local designers who helped in the realization of the idea are: Igor Todorović,
Dragana Ognjenović, Bata Spasojević, Stefan Djoković, Aleksandar Zabunović, Iva Bataković, Svetlana
Jaćović, Marija Tarlac, Ivana Davidović, Ines Janković, Sofija Milošević, Mina Krstić, Katarina
Jovanović, Jelena Filipović, Sanja Perić and Melina Džinović.

The dresses reflect the unique and vibrant energy that Angelina brings to her art. Kudos for Angelina’s talent, they even came from the French fashion house Dior, which contributed to this humanitarian event by making two dresses according to the girl’s sketches.

The dresses will be exhibited in the Sava Center and it is possible to buy each of the models, and all the money collected will be redirected to the newly established foundation “Angelina” with the aim of preventing tragedies and raising awareness in society about the importance of the family and protecting children from the destructive effects of technology.

Anyone interested can get a custom-made dress, identical to the one that was made and is exposed. The minimum amount for the purchase of one dress is 800 euros in dinar equivalent according to the middle course of the NBS. For more information and to buy a dress, you need to contact the e-mail: