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HR Experience

30. 05. 2024.

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The HR Experience conference is a unique event that promotes and presents trends in the field of human resources. The goal of the conference is to improve the human resources sector in Serbia and business in general, through the presentation of successful HR stories, practices and strategies.

At this event, we will gather the best domestic and foreign HR experts, who will share the latest trends, strategies and recruitment techniques with the participants. In addition, workshops, lectures and discussions will be organized to familiarize you with the strategies applied by the best employers in Serbia and to improve your teams and company.

The conference is organized by the Infostud center for recruitment, selection and employer branding, and the first HR Experience was held in 2018 with the same goal – promoting knowledge and encouraging the exchange of experience that shapes the future of human resources and transforms the way we do business.


Betty Pelemish, Director of Selection Strategy and Operations, Meta
Mia Liljeberg, International Digital Leadership Expert and author of AI for Leaders
Cyriel Kortleven, International Motivational Speaker, The Change Mindset
Ana Stevanović, Founder and Director – Stevanović Consulting GmbH
Rainer Petek, Strategic Advisor and Alpinist, Das Nordwand-Prinzip
Sonja Ćetković, Executive Director, Infostud
Biljana Rakić, Program Director,

Don’t miss your chance to connect with these experts and help revolutionize the HR industry!

Be live at the meeting place of the best human resources experts, where we once again exchange positive practices and promote healthy employment trends.