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Data Science

22. 11. 2023.

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9 years

500+ speakers

3000 + professionals

70 topics

8 conferences in one

THE ORGANIZER: Data Universe

For the ninth year in a row, the biggest event dedicated to artificial intelligence and data is back in Belgrade – DSC Europe 23 – from November 22. to 24.

DSC Europe is an event not to be missed if you are interested in the modern fields of artificial intelligence, analytics, machine learning and data engineering. Among others, topics that will be covered at the meeting are Generative AI, Computer Vision, Big Data Analytics, AI Safety, AI & Data Strategy, Building AI products, Medical Imaging, LLM Chatbots, AI-powered intrusion detection systems, FinTech and others . With more than 3000 visitors from over 48 countries of the world, and 500+ confirmed speakers, the conference is the perfect place to learn and discuss with world leaders and experts in these fields, such as:

In addition to speeches on technical topics, DSC Europe will also cover a wide range of business and scientific topics, which will be aimed at decision makers (DSC:X – executive track), as well as the latest trends that are changing the world around us – such as NeuroAI, People Analytics, AI in Marketing, Quantum Computing and many more. In addition, five more smaller events will be organized at the conference itself, which will focus on the application of data and artificial intelligence in specific industries. They will be dedicated to specific topics in the field of medicine and pharmacy, Fintech and Web3.0, gaming and creative industries, Cyber security, as well as eCommerce and retail.

DSC is intended for all professionals dealing with data and artificial intelligence, professionals and directors of organizations dealing with data and artificial intelligence, but also for all leaders within organizations who want to incorporate this revolutionary technology in their business, as well as all enthusiasts for this technology.

We owe a big thank you to our partners without whom this conference would not be possible, such as: SmartCat, BE-terna, Poslovna inteligenija, Neos, DataLab, Data Kolektiv, Devoteam, Rivian, Vroom, CBS Systems, Things Solver, Grid Dynamics, Foursquare , EPAM Systems, NLB Digit, ML Repa, 3lateral, HTEC Group, Finspot, Playstudios, MDS Inženjering, Roche and many others.

We invite everyone who wants to join this wave of revolution with artificial intelligence

Let’s change the world through data!